Director of Operations at BestCare Family Dental.

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The Responsibilities of a Dental Practice Manager

A graduate of the Intensive Practice Management Program sponsored by Hollander Consultants in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Steven Eidman presently serves as a dental management consultant for BestCare Family Dental in Jackson Heights, New York. In this position, Dr. Steven Eidman consults on staffing and personnel issues, lease negotiation, construction of dental facilities, and the marketing of the practice.

Here are a few of the responsibilities of a dental practice manager.

Managing staff. One of the responsibilities of a dental office manager is hiring and managing staff. These duties may involve coordinating scheduling in the event of illness or employee vacations, providing necessary training, and ensuring that staff is happy so they can concentrate on taking care of patients.

Marketing the practice. Marketing the dental practice involves making positive impressions on both new and existing patients in order to maintain and grow the business. Marketing may encompass everything from advertising to ensuring that the staff is friendly and the office environment is warm and welcoming.

Understanding finances. The dental manager is responsible for understanding the office overhead and how it affects profitability. Managers should also keep track of accounts receivables, new patient referrals, and unpaid insurance claims in order to ensure the financial health of the practice.