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Indicators for Dental Patient Referrals

A consultant in the field of dental practice management, Dr. Steven Eidman currently serves with BestCare Family Dental in Jackson Heights, New York. Dr. Steven Eidman has worked with this practice for more than six years, during which time he has advised on a number of issues regarding common industry practices.

Within the dental profession, referring a patient to another practitioner is not only a common practice, but also governed by the generally accepted industry code of ethics. Dentists are typically expected to refer a patient to another professional whenever that patient’s needs exceed the original practitioner’s qualifications or interest, or when the complexity or depth of the case suggests the involvement of a specialist.

Dentists may also choose to make a referral if another practitioner has access to a piece of equipment needed or preferred to treat a patient in a particular situation. The same may be true of the skills of office staff or the ability to handle a patient with behavioral issues. On a more general level, a dentist may choose to refer a patient if his or her patient roster is full, particularly if the dentist expects the patient to need time-intensive care. Dentists may elect to refer patients for a number of additional reasons as well, each specific to the needs of the dentist and patient.


Three Options for Starting a Dental Career

Steven Eidman, D.D.S., has extensive experience in the dental practice industry. Currently the Director of Operations and Management at BestCare Family Dental, Dr. Steven Eidman consults with practicing dentists on a variety of issues, from space planning and design to management techniques and marketing plans. As with many professions, choosing what form a dental career should take upon graduation can be a tough decision.

The first option upon graduation is to seek an associateship. This decision allows a new dentist to receive hands-on experience and earn an income without the pressure of immediately purchasing and building an independent practice. According to the American Dental Association, nearly two-thirds of recent graduates choose this option.

For those dentists who are not yet ready to own a practice, but do want to build up their own base of clients, independent contracting is a good option. This is an option when an existing dental practice as excess space or patients.

Of course, there is always the third option of buying a pre-existing practice or building one’s own practice. This option requires significant capital and a commitment to managing the business of a dental practice, but it can be a very rewarding option.