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Educating Patients With Linked Websites and Informative Content

Steven Eidman, DDS, consults dentists and dental groups in the New York-metro area on management operations and marketing initiatives, including online marketing. Dr. Steven Eidman possesses more than 30 years of industry experience and serves as director of operations at BestCare Family Dental in Queens, New York.

Quality dental practice websites find ways to balance primary information on services and staff with secondary resources on treatments and new technologies. Many consumers possess some uncertainty when it comes to the dentist, which may discourage them from making appointments. However, dentistry websites with information on or links to resources regarding treatments, sedation methods, and other comfort measures may encourage patients to make appointments.

While original content should take center stage on any practice’s website, dental offices may be able to boost their search-engine rankings by linking to other sites. These include informative resources, discussion groups, and online publications. When choosing authoritative sources to link to, dental practices should consider websites with high search page rankings and strong visitor traffic. Other good linkable assets range from social media pages to online dentistry journals and news sites.


Yeshiva University High School

Steven Eidman directs management and operations for BestCare Family Dental, which serves patients in Jackson Heights, New York. A native New Yorker, he earned his DDS from the New York University College of Dentistry and his BA from Queens College. Before college, Dr. Steven Eidman attended Yeshiva University High School in Manhattan.

Founded in 1916 as the Talmudical Academy, Yeshiva University High School was the first Jewish high school in the United States. It was established to provide the largely immigrant Jewish population of New York City with an education system that met their own strict cultural standards as well as the requirements of the New York State Board of Regents. The school day was 10 hours long, with religious subjects taught from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM, and secular subjects the remainder of the day. The school grew quickly on the strength of the superior academic achievement of its students, 95 percent of whom passed their Regents exams.

The school continues its strong tradition of immersing its students in the Torah while providing the highest possible quality secular education. The daily schedule is nearly as long as it was then, and each day still starts with religious instruction, which often continues into the early afternoon. Many of the school’s graduates go on to study at Yeshiva University, and many of those, in turn, become leaders not only in the Jewish community, but also in business, the arts, and public service.