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The Responsibilities of a Dental Practice Manager

A graduate of the Intensive Practice Management Program sponsored by Hollander Consultants in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Steven Eidman presently serves as a dental management consultant for BestCare Family Dental in Jackson Heights, New York. In this position, Dr. Steven Eidman consults on staffing and personnel issues, lease negotiation, construction of dental facilities, and the marketing of the practice.

Here are a few of the responsibilities of a dental practice manager.

Managing staff. One of the responsibilities of a dental office manager is hiring and managing staff. These duties may involve coordinating scheduling in the event of illness or employee vacations, providing necessary training, and ensuring that staff is happy so they can concentrate on taking care of patients.

Marketing the practice. Marketing the dental practice involves making positive impressions on both new and existing patients in order to maintain and grow the business. Marketing may encompass everything from advertising to ensuring that the staff is friendly and the office environment is warm and welcoming.

Understanding finances. The dental manager is responsible for understanding the office overhead and how it affects profitability. Managers should also keep track of accounts receivables, new patient referrals, and unpaid insurance claims in order to ensure the financial health of the practice.


Steven Eidman, DDS- The Social Action Committee of Kol HaNeshamah

A graduate of New York University College of Dentistry, Steven Eidman, DDS, works as director of operations and management at BestCare Family Dental. When not at the Jackson Heights, New York, facility, Steven Eidman, DDS, serves as president of the Social Action Committee of Kol HaNeshamah.

The New Jersey synagogue Kol HaNeshamah caters to conservative members of the Jewish faith in the Englewood and Tenafly communities. The only such egalitarian temple in the Englewood/Tenafly area, Kol HaNeshamah provides individuals with many opportunities in which to connect with God and to aid those in need. Over the past 17 years, it has played an important role in the lives of others.

Meaning “Voice of the Soul,” Kol HaNeshamah subscribes to a belief in tikkun olam, or “repairing the world.” Its Social Action Committee oversees numerous initiatives that allow people to put this idea into practice. Every Yom Kippur, it asks teenage and adult followers to make a tikkun olam pledge, wherein they agree to help the community through actions such as volunteering at nursing homes, participating in Adopt-a-Highway or Riverkeeper programs, or donating blood. On Rosh Hashana, children run new year’s services for Englewood Hospital patients. Another endeavor involves spending two weeks benefiting a homeless shelter by providing cooks and overnight staff. Additionally, Kol HaNeshamah takes part in the United Jewish Appeal’s Mitzvah Day by performing a talent show at the Englewood Actors’ Home.

Kol HaNeshamah Synagogue in Englewood, New Jersey

A dental management consultant and director of operations and management with BestCare Family Dental in Jackson Heights, Queens, Dr. Steven Eidman advises dental practices on such matters as construction, business management, marketing, and staffing. Away from work, Dr. Steven Eidman serves as president of the synagogue Kol HaNeshamah.

Located in Englewood, New Jersey, Kol HaNeshamah, which means “voice of the soul,” functions as the only Conservative egalitarian temple serving Englewood and Tenafly. The havurah-style shul meets under the leadership of Rabbi Fred Elias and is committed to tikkun olam, or “healing the world” through numerous service projects, including visits to the elderly and feeding the homeless.

Since its creation in 1997, Kol HaNeshamah has established many programs that allow people to connect with the Jewish religion. It welcomes youths to participate in adult services, to join with their own contemporaries in Shabbat and holiday morning programming tailored towards their age group, or to enroll in an afterschool Hebrew school. Along with attending Shabbat services, adults can take special Talmud classes or sit in on guest speakers discussing Jewish issues. Additionally, the congregation coordinates social events throughout the year.